Our Values

A Conservative Way of Living: to walk on a path of respect and compliance with the conservative lifestyle and its needs.

To meet our customers’ holiday needs without compromising from their religious sensitivities. To work towards the introduction, development, and popularization of only halal products.

Domestic and National: Our brand, which brings together Turkish consumers with Turkish facilities and products, which is completely domestic and national from the investors to software developers, also represent our country in the International arena.

Customer-oriented: To maximize customer satisfaction by solely focusing on flawless procurement for customer sensitivities, needs, and expectations.

Work and Trade Ethics: To be completely transparent and honest in our commercial and social relationships, knowing that an honest 4 is greater than a faulty 5.

Environmental and Social Respect: To meet all requirements of environmental regulations and to control, diminish and prevent any environmentally harmful factors. To leave exemplary values for next generations.

Resource Management and Efficiency: To ensure a sustainable development by optimizing resourse utilization in all processes and focusing on efficiency.

Participant Management: To develop and maintain a management understanding that is based on respect towards our employees and open communication, which ensures highest participation levels in decision-making mechanisms.